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So I thought about it today...It's going to be a fucking amazing summer. Every two weeks is either a pine barrens party or a psytrance fest. Sacred Earth is in like two weeks....I could just DIE. Something about all of these people coming together in peace and community just...It brings me to tears, and it gives me hope for humankind. People CAN live peacefully in anarchy. They DO.

The new health thing is workingout great. I've been a vegitarian for years but now i'm staying away from eggs and dairy too. And i'm not eating anything fried. No soda, no candy, no junk food, basically nothing that isn't healthy. Quit smoking, started exercising (sp) and drinking nothing but water and green tea. I've lost 60 lbs in the past year, I've only got about 25 to go. I'm not doing this to lose weight though. I want to feel good better than I want to look good. And Christ do I feel good. I'm experiencing the same kind of rebirth I did last summer, I think. I want to be happy. I want everyone else to be happy. I look back on myself a few years ago and realize what a selfish, evil little shit I was, and I really want to make up for it, especially to the awesome people who I'm no longer close with as a result.

I 'm really down for spiritual growth latley. I had an acid trip about a week and a half ago that rocked my world. It was like getting hit by a cosmis two by four. I think I'm about to trip by myself for the first time this weekend. I want a sitter of course, but I have realized that if I can focus on the trip without feeling obliged to be social, the effects are amazing. I want to sit down and read through "Be Here Now" in it's entirety. I already understand, but something tells me that the message will really click under Lucy's influence.

What else...Oh, picture from the pine barrens will be posted soon.

I guess that's all, chilljin.
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