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Who are you to wave your finger?

I heard on NPR today that Bush and his administration are proposing a law to monitor internet access of any citizen. What freedoms are we supposedly fighting to save? The freedom to chose between Coke and Pepsi? One reality show after another? I believe in democracy and I see it exists, but in an unused, gloomy style.

The masses form to: watch tv, go to the movies, go shopping, buy new cars, and whatever else they have been told to do by advertisements. So is the war with Iraq going to happen because Americans are too brainwashed from propaganda or because they are simply ignorant? I think it is a combination of both. The people can decide the outcome of this, but half support war because of nifty speeches by the white house, cia approved news headlines, and sugar from soft drinks.

You know, as I complain about all of this, I can not help but understand it is no different than the Persians invading Greece, the Roman Empire's expansion, or Germany in WWII. Bush is in charge of another superpower attempting to expand. Iraq, Afghanistan, and who ever else they chose will just fall victim to American Empire. It will all be part of history is a hundred years. But I do know we are much more civilized than those ancient times -- we are smarter and more open minded as a whole. I think it is possible to suppress the big issues, but it takes more people than just the ones out there trying to aware the public; the majority has to join. Activists, protesters, demonstrators -- an entire population labeled by the majority.
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