sykopsilocybin (sykopsilocybin) wrote,

So alot of bad shit went down at Kevin's house this moring, none of it involving me, but as a result I don't think I'll be able to stay here. I'm probably going to move to Echo Lake this weekend.

We're still looking for people who are serious about helping out. The pay is so-so but come room and board, a beautiful lake, AND free parties...And you get to live with some awesome fucking people. 18+ please.

oh yeah...WE GOT DR.SPOOK AND WITCHDOKTA!!! In case you hadn't noticed from the flyer below. Now it probably won't be as hard getting other good psytrance Dj's to sign on. But i have this feeling that we're getting blacklisted by that scene or something. I really don't get why so many people in the psytrance scene turn up their noses at anything other than psytrance. I understand if it's your primary interest, and even if you dislike other kinds of dance music...but why do you have to be against it? The guy who runs TDC supposedly told my sister that "he doesn't like that we're streamlining psytrance with other scenes." What the fuck is that shit? Who are YOU to say what music we can spin at our own fucking party? Jaime and Dave aren't helping us either, and I think it's for the same reason. It's really sad...It really bothers me that this party is going to be HUGE, and the only problems that we are having are with the only aspect of the party that I care about. I guess it's just an obsticle that we're going to have to get, through. I have a feeling tht once we get this thing off the ground we won't be having problems like this anymore.
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